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The Party | 7-Episode D&D Sitcom Web Series
Jewell Karinen as Ecstasy

Directed by Margaret Borchert
Written by Margaret Borchert, Geneva Willis, Tori Chancellor
Cinematography by Carrie Morgan
Edited by Michael Benni Pierce

Not Recognized | Dystopian Short Film

Written and Directed by Cleveen Dominguez

Cinematography by Valeria Miranda

Kid'z 'Kidz Bop' Bop 2020 Tour | Comedy Web Series Pilot
Jewell Karinen as former Kidz Bop kid Nicole Wilson

Written by Cleveen Dominguez

Directed by Valeria Miranda

Cinematography by Jeremiah Durian-Williams

The Sweet Turtle Bachelor | WhoHaha Creators Lab Comedy Sketch

Written by Jewell Karinen

Directed by Valeria Miranda

Produced by the WhoHaha Creators Lab

Claritin Clear | Comedy Sketch

Written by Jewell Karinen

Directed by Cleveen Dominguez

Cinematography by James Hall

Chased By Bear | Live Improv Set at Impro Theatre

Cast: Jewell Karinen, James Nevada, Chris Standifer, Belle Adams, Haley Finnegan, and Brian Flynn

Original Comedy Shorts

The Detective (2019 Bike Shorts Film Festival - Official Selection)
The Detective is a comedic mockumentary about a fledgling detective wh
o meets his match searching for a barely competent thief. Jewell cowrote and stars in the film, along with comedy partner Adrian Ruvalcaba.

Stand Up Basement (2019 DVC Film Festival - Official Selection)

Jewell appears in Stand Up Basement, a comedic short about a young woman who gets trapped in the basement of a man practicing his tight five.

Acting & Commercial Reels
Acting Reel
Commerical Reel
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